Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)...

GIS is the marriage of spatial data (maps) and database information. Almost all database information collected by municipal governments can be linked or associated with a point on the earth’s surface. Police accident reports, crime records, tax assessors’ records, water and sewer information, new roads, zoning information, school location, landmarks, and even hunting property can all be associated with an address which in turn can be located and mapped via GIS. HOGA RC Mapping Services, maintains a comprehensive spatial data base of our 17 county region. This data is made available to local governments and others for mapping projects and GIS analysis. This promotes a timely exchange of updated data between the RC, state, local governments and individuals, thereby ensuring the availability of the most current information. GIS maintains the ability to become a powerful analysis tool once considered with the U.S. Census Bureau information, parcel maps, Aerial photography, soil maps, road right of ways, power lines, etc. This information can all be combined in our computer and then a map created to provide the entire the area of interest.

Cloud-Based Mapping

The HOGARC GIS Department has deployed a cloud-based mapping system to host internet maps and other geospatial mapping services. This new system is centrally hosted and managed by the Regional Commission and is available to member governments. Additional functionality is available to enable remote editing of map data using only an internet connection and a web browser. Other cloud-based mapping deployments can be used to generate real time analytics, including demographic snapshots, asset inventories, routing applications, environmental assessments, and other geospatial analyses.

Please go to our Cloud-Based Mapping Site to see current maps that are available

What is the Role of GIS in your Organization?

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