Regional Council

Council Meeting

Membership with the HOGARC is automatic for governments within the region, while an appointed Council is responsible for establishing HOGARC’s policy and directive as provided or authorized by law. Council membership for the HOGARC is comprised of not less than two nor more than five representatives from each member county served by the RC, including at least one elected or appointed municipal government official from each member county and at least one elected or appointed county government official from each member county.

The objectives of the HOGARC are to develop, promote, and assist in establishing coordinated and comprehensive planning in Georgia; to provide local governments on both an individual and regional basis with professional technical assistance to improve local government service programs; to provide professional technical assistance with the development, collection, compilation, and maintenance of a local information base and network; to manage those nonprofit corporations created by the HOGARC in accordance with Georgia law for the operation of revolving loan programs and to function as a certified development company; and to function as the designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA), responsible for services, advocating on behalf of older persons in need, and contracting with a network of agencies to provide direct services to the elderly in the Heart of Georgia region.

Council meetings are the 4th Thursday of each Month EXCEPT for July, August and December in Mt. Vernon. at the Senior Center at 7:00 p.m.  Please note that November’s Meeting is the 3rd Thursday of the month.

2018 Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Council by County

* Executive Committee Member

Appling County

  • Mr. Theodore Wilkerson*
    • Commissioner, Appling County
  • Dr. Esco Hall, Jr.
    • Council Member, City of Baxley
  • Mr. Vernon Dasher
    • Non-Public Member, Appling County

Bleckley County

  • Mr. Bob Brockman*
    • Commissioner, Bleckley County
  • Mr. Billy Yeomans
    • Mayor, City of Cochran
  • Mr. Bob Little
    • Non-Public Member, Bleckley County

Candler County

  • Mr. Brad Jones
    • Commissioner, Candler County
  • Mr. William M. (Billy) Trapnell*
    • Council Member, City of Metter
  • Mr. Virgil Monte Meridy
    • Non-Public Member, Candler County

Dodge County

  • Mr. William Howell Jr.
    • Commissioner, Dodge County
  • Mr. Raymond Mullis*
    • Chrmn, Council Member, City of Eastman
  • Mr. Bobby Peacock
    • Non-Public Member, Dodge County

Emanuel County

  • Mr. Desse Davis*
    • Commissioner, Emanuel County
  • Mr. Charles Schwabe
    • Council Member, City of Swainsboro
  • Mr. Guy Singletary
    • Non-Public Member, Emanuel County

Evans County

  • Ms. Irene Burney
    • Chairperson, Commission Evans County
  • Mr. Matt Blocker*
    • Council Member, City of Hagan
  • Mr. Brian Croft
    • Non-Public Member, Evans County

Jeff Davis County

  • Mr. James Benjamin
    • Commissioner, Jeff Davis County
  • Mr. Dwayne Johnson
    • Council Member, City of Hazlehurst
  • Mr. Wayne Hall*
    • Non-Public Member, Jeff Davis County

Johnson County

  • Mr. Jack Foskey
    • Commissioner, Johnson County
  • Mr. Jeff Hall
    • Council Member, City of Wrightsville
  • Mr. William F. (Bill) Lindsey*
    • Non-Public Member, Johnson County

Laurens County

  • Mr. Jeff Davis*
    • Commissioner, Laurens County
  • Mr. Len Tanner
    • Council Member, City of East Dublin
  • Mr. Ronald Herrington
    • Non-Public Member, Laurens County

Montgomery County

  • Mr. Chad Kenney
    • Commissioner, Montgomery County
  • Mr. John E. Roller
    • Council Member, City of Mt. Vernon
  • Mr. Charles Williams*
    • Non-Public Member, Montgomery County

Tattnall County

  • Ms. Jackie Trim
    • Chairperson, Commission, Tattnall County
  • Mr. Bernie Weaver*
    • Council Member, City of Glennville
  • Mr. Frank Murphy
    • Non-Public Member, Tattnall County

Telfair County

  • Ms. Annie Williams*
    • Chairman, Commission Telfair County
  • Mr. Elud “June” Salazar
    • Council Member, City of Scotland
  • Ms. Susan Evans
    • Non-Public Member, Telfair County

Toombs County

  • Mr. Davis Sikes
    • Commissioner, Toombs County
  • Mr. John Raymond Turner
    • Council Member, City of Vidalia
  • Mr. John M. Jones*
    • Non-Public Member, Toombs County

Treutlen County

  • Ms. Cali Hollis
    • Commissioner, Treutlen County
  • Mr. Izell Stephens, Jr. *
    • Council Member, City of Soperton
  • Mr. Robbie Tucker
    • Non-Public Member, Treutlen County

Wayne County

  • Mr. James Thomas*
    • Commissioner, Wayne County
  • Mr. Stanley Todd
    • Council Member, City of Odum
  • Mr. Ralph Hickox
    • Non-Public Member, Wayne County

Wheeler County

  • Mr. Keith McNeal*
    • Commissioner, Wheeler County
  • Mr. G.M. Joiner, Jr.
    • Council Member, City of Glenwood
  • Mr. Bobby Cox, Sr.
    • Non-Public Member, Wheeler County

Wilcox County

  • Mr. Jowan Johnson
    • Commissioner, Wilcox County
  • Mr. Michael Estes*
    • Mayor, City of Abbeville
  • Mr. Clay Reid
    • Non-Public Member, Wilcox County

State County

  • Ms. Norma Nunez-Cortes
    • Governor’s Appointee
  • Mr. Justin Franklin
    • Governor’s Appointee
  • Mr. Shaun O’Quinn
    • Lt. Governor’s Appointee
  • Ms. Janice O’Brien
    • Speakers Appointee